Active aeroelastic aircraft structures

Acronym: G.L.A.M.O.U.R.: Gust Load Alleviation techniques assessment on wind tUnnel MOdel of advanced Regional aircraft.

G.L.A.M.O.U.R. project, having the Green Regional Aircraft as reference, aims to improve the Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) wing performances by an aggressive combination of maneuver (MLA) and gust load alleviation (GLA) technologies in two different ways: deeply exploring the validity over the entire flight envelope of the active control strategies proposed by ITD member (Leonardo-Finmeccanica) and exploring new control architectures proposed by the GLAMOUR consortium. Both the activities will be validated by an extended experimental campaign conducted in a wind tunnel on a half model dynamically representing the GRA. In particular, the project’s goals where: to validate the Load Alleviation techniques based on control architectures defined by ITD member; to develop of alternative control schemes; design and manufacturing of a wind tunnel model representing half GRA aircraft; perform the wind tunnel test under gust excitation to validate all the control strategies and the final assessment.

A large model (1:6 geometric scale) representative of the half aircraft has been designed manufactured and tested. The connection of the model to the wind tunnel floor allowed for free plunge and pitch motion so to test the gust response of the model. The model was fully instrumented with accelerometers, strain gauge sensors and encoders, while the global displacement of the model was measured using an optical photogrammetric systems from Optisys based on 7 high speed cameras. A special device, named Weight Augmentation System, based on a servo-actuator controlled in constant force mode, installed beyond the dedicated dummy floor, allowed to counteract the lift force so to be able to trim the model for different flow velocities.


Year: 2014-2016

Project ID: EU-CS1 (Cleansky JTD)

Area: European project

February 2, 2017